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A Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat
Sept. 29– Oct. 1, 2017

Yoga is a huge and fascinating subject, with a rich history touching everything from exercise and martial arts to spirituality and religion.


That being said, in contemporary yoga, many teachers (including me) seldom venture far beyond the straightforward physical and mental practice of asana and pranayama.  We often think of “meditation”and “yoga” as separate pursuits.


Mindfulness yoga is an attempt to bring them back together.  Iyengar yoga, the basis of my training and teaching, emphasizes refining individual poses by paying careful attention to skeletal position and muscular engagement.  The techniques used in mindfulness meditation can be a useful supplement to the more strictly anatomical focus of Iyengar, helping to deepen awareness and appreciation of the experience.


This retreat will also give us a chance to explore some of the philosophical underpinnings of yoga, both Hindu and Buddhist.  In addition we’ll take a brief look at the seven “chakras,” or subtle energy centers located along the spine, and consider ways we can make use of this system. 


While some might find the prospect of a weekend of “yoga” daunting, physical practice will only be a part of the experience. 


With asana, meditation, relaxation, and study/discussion, this workshop is designed to promote curiosity and understanding, invigoration and enjoyment.