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A small, friendly yoga studio in the Upper Monroe neighborhood,

beneath the wooded slopes of Pinnacle Hill

pinnacleyoga@hotmail.com††††† www.pinnacle-yoga.com††††† (585) 747-2718

99 Crosman Terrace†† Rochester NY 14620

Early fall, 2021


For at least this early fall session, classes will remain on Zoom.


The session begins Wednesday, Sept. 8 and continues for eight consecutive Wednesdays, through Oct. 27.


The first class, sixty minutes, begins at 8:15 am.† It is labeled gentle/senior and will use both standard and modified poses, depending on the capabilities of the students.† At this writing in August, 2021 everything about the fall schedule is up in the air.†


The second class begins at 9:45 and runs for one and a quarter hours, until 11:00.† It is labeled asana, and is suitable for many people over fifty.


There will be no afternoon or evening class for now.† Sorry.


yoga fees


Virtual class fees are as follows:† $96 for the eight-week fall session.† $72 student/low income.† $15 single class/drop-in.†

$72 any five classes within six months (thatís the non-virtual price).† Restorative $15, two for $25.


For inquiries or further information, please contact us at (585) 747-2718 or pinnacleyoga@hotmail.com.† Or feel free to just drop in at class time.†


Also contact us to find out how to log in to a virtual class.†


be safe

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