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A small, friendly yoga studio in the Upper Monroe neighborhood,

beneath the wooded slopes of Pinnacle Hill

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99 Crosman Terrace   Rochester NY 14620

B.K.S. Iyengar

The  primary influence on our teaching is Iyengar-style yoga, developed by B.K.S. Iyengar beginning in the 1930’s.  His yoga is known for its anatomical precision and its emphasis on relaxation.  Working on making sure a pose is properly “aligned” and developing the student’s internal awareness of that alignment is a major focus.  We also pay attention to movement between poses and to breathing technique.  Iyengar yoga has also developed relaxation into a fine art.  

A native of south India, Mr. Iyengar studied yoga as an adolescent in the city of Mysore with his brother-in-law T. S. Krishnamacharya.  One reason was to improve his health.  After a few years his teacher sent him to teach independently in Pune.  His book Light on Yoga, first published in 1965, is now considered the classic reference work on yoga poses.  His current yoga center, dedicated to his wife, opened in 1975.  Though best known for popularizing physical yoga, Iyengar was a religious Brahman who believed spirituality is at the core of yoga.  Mr. Iyengar passed away on August 20, 2014. 

Text Box: Pinnacle yoga
formerly Yoga at Abundance
Text Box: Pinnacle yoga