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A small, friendly yoga studio in the Upper Monroe neighborhood,

beneath the wooded slopes of Pinnacle Hill

pinnacleyoga@hotmail.com      www.pinnacle-yoga.com      (585) 747-2718

99 Crosman Terrace   Rochester NY 14620


What we do  A typical Pinnacle Yoga class will include breathwork, poses, sequences, and relaxation. 


Every class is different.  Within a session (usually seven or eight weeks) each class focuses on a different topic, in a general sequence.  By the end of the session we have covered all the basic elements of a personal practice.  


Class Descriptions

General (Asana):  Suitable for most people in reasonable health.  Even if you think you are “out of shape” or “not flexible,” this class is for you.  People with restrictions might opt for the gentle or over fifty class. 

Gentle: For those with physical restrictions or who simply want a less demanding experience. 

Over Fifty: Less demanding than general, but not necessarily “gentle.”

              Having said that, the three classes above will vary according to the needs of the students in the class.

Restorative:  A class consisting exclusively (or nearly so) of relaxation.  Typically the last class of a session is restorative, and there are occasional extra restorative classes.

Meditation and Asana:  Includes both asana and seated meditation.  Based on the “Mindfulness Yoga” principles developed by Frank Jude Boccio in his book of the same name.


Individual consultation 

I am happy to meet with you individually to help work out a program for you and your medical condition.

Text Box: Pinnacle yoga
formerly Yoga at Abundance
Text Box: Pinnacle yoga